Permanent Makeup at Journey

Introducing our highly trained Permanent Makeup Artist, Carly!

Carly first trained in beauty therapy back in 2010 where she found her passion for client care and transformations. Since, she has gone on to do in depth training with the best facial companies in the industry and gained a level 4 in micro-pigmentation.

Carly believes that she adds value to her clients who suffer from medically induced hair loss, have scars, or who want to downplay over-plucking by making them feel their best selves again!

Carly begins every client on their journey with a consultation to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your time together.

“Permanent makeup is unique to you; therefore, a totally personalised approach is necessary in order to tailor to your individual needs. I take great care when it comes to creating the perfect shape and colour to enhance your natural beauty. Providing treatments that change lives is what I’m all about!” – A note from Carly.

Carly specialises in confidence-enhancing results using permanent makeup techniques. She offers a wide range of comprehensive treatments such as: Brow enhancement, lash line enhancement, baby liner, lip blush, colour boosting and many more.


Carbon Laser Facials

Carbon laser facials, also known as carbon peel or Q-switch laser treatments, are non-invasive cosmetic procedures designed to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. The treatment involves the application of a thin layer of liquid carbon onto the skin, which is allowed to penetrate and bond with impurities. Subsequently, a laser is used to heat and vaporize the carbon, along with the attached impurities, stimulating collagen production and promoting skin renewal. Carbon laser facials are praised for their ability to address a range of skin concerns, including acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. The procedure is relatively quick, with minimal discomfort and downtime, making it a popular choice for those seeking a refreshed and revitalized complexion. The benefits include smoother skin texture, reduced pore size, improved skin tone, and a more youthful appearance. Additionally, the stimulation of collagen production can contribute to long-term skin firmness and elasticity.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a process that employs advanced technology to break down and eliminate unwanted tattoos from the body. Short bursts of high-intensity laser light are directed at the pigments in the tattooed skin. The laser emits specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the tattoo pigments, causing them to heat up and shatter into smaller fragments. These fragmented pigments are then naturally processed and eliminated by the body’s immune system over time. The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal depends on factors such as the type and colour of the tattoo pigments, as well as the patient’s skin type. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results, with each session spaced several weeks apart to allow the body to heal. While the process can be uncomfortable, advancements in laser technology have minimized side effects and improved the overall success of tattoo removal.


Permanent Makeup Artist

Price List

Consultation and patch test - free 15mins
all new treatment areas require a consultation and patch test.
Ombre/powder brow -
A soft and natural eyebrow enhancement that can be finished with or without a boarder depending on preference. This is a 2 part treatment with a minimum of 6 weeks apart.
£275 3 hours
Lash line enhancement (top or bottom) -
Suitable for everyone, enhances the lashes making them appear thicker, darker and longer. This is a 2 part treatment with a minimum of 6 weeks apart.
£190 2 hours
Brow ombré/powder top up 6-12 weeksFree 2 hours
-This is the second part to the initial treatment.
Baby liner -
Top eyeliner finished with a little flick! This is a 2 part treatment with a minimum of 6 weeks apart.
£250 2.5 hours
Lip blush -
Lip blush can be finished to a soft boaderless lip stain or to a lip stick finish depending on preference. This is a 2 part treatment with a minimum of 6 weeks apart.
£250 3 hours
Colour boosts - only previous work completed by Carly.Under 12 months - £90 1.5 hours

12 - 18 months - £150 2 hours

18 -24 months - £200 2 hours

24+ months - will be charged as a new area

Book 2 areas together and receive 10% off
Laser consultation and patch testFREE
Laser tattoo removal (body)Prices start from £40 depending on size
Laser tattoo removal (permanent eyebrows)£70
Receive 10% discount on new ombre/powder brows when finishing a eyebrow tattoo removal course.
Carbon laser facial express 30 mins
- Double cleanse

- Chemical exfoliation

- Laser peel

- Moisturiser, serum & SPF
Carbon laser facial Lux 60 mins

- Double cleanse

- Chemical exfoliation

- Laser peel

- Massage

- Face mask

- Moisturiser, serum & SPF
Dermaplaning add on for carbon laser facial£25