Holistic Massage

The Journey Salon’s luxury evolution has gained recognition for being the place to be when in need of relaxation, transformation, and self-care. We pride ourselves on offering each and every one of our clients an opportunity to unwind in a calm, tranquil and luxurious environment where our treatments are catered to your every needs.


Our highly qualified treatment specialist, Liz Vanegas De Quickenden IHBC IIHHT IIST VTCT MFHT, offers a variety of treatments that aim to relax, re-energise, and leave you feeling restored and ultimately your best self.


At Journey, we believe that the power of massage cannot be unlocked without deep consideration into the individual needs of each client. Liz is a highly trained professional with the ability to provide a service completely tailored to suit the way her client is feeling on that day, in the moment, considering the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of each individual.


Based on your specific needs, our experienced massage therapist will determine whether you would like to relax, re-energise, detox, or restore. Besides promoting relaxation, all of the Journey massage treatments provide many health benefits leaving you feeling the very best you can.


Not only does Liz provide specialist massage therapy treatments that are beneficial to all over relaxation, but also delivers luxury facials that promote incredible health benefits including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture, and appearance.


Whether you’re in need of a deep relaxation massage or a detoxing facial that is fully tailored to suit your every need, Liz will be hands-on providing you a treatment that from the very start feels completely unique, relaxed, and enjoyable.

Liz Vanegas de Quickenden

Liz Vanegas De Quickenden IHBC IIHHT IIST VTCT MFHT

Holisitc Therapist

Price List

Aromatherapy - 60 minute massage session with a blend of organic essential oils customised for you. Helping to relax body & min£58
Balinese - 90 minute treatment
Full body deep tissue holistic massage developed in the Indonesian province of Bali. Bringing a sense of well-being, calm & deep relaxation
Hot-Stones - 60 minute massage session with hot basalt stones which helps you to relax and ease tense muscles & damaged soft tissues throughout your body£63
Hydrotherm - 60 minute session of heated water deep treatment massage, producing a profoundly relaxing & beneficial technique, enhancing the effect of massage into a new dimension£68
Indian Head Massage - 30 minute treatment.
A relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face & shoulders. It aims to re-balance your body’s energies
Individual Bespoke Massage - 60 minute treatment. A unique holistic therapy tailored to your specific needs. I use a combination of therapies according to your bodily & spiritual requirements£63
Lomi Lomi - 60 minute treatment.
A traditional Hawaiian massage, gently massaging deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes
Pindakarma - 60 minute treatment
A detoxifying massage using Himalayan Salts, organic essential oils & muslin poultice of natural dries flowers
Reiki - 30 minute treatment
Reiki is a palm or hands-on-body healing technique in which the hands are lightly passed over your body to facilitate the process of healing
Dementia - 60 minute treatment
Dementia massage where I enter the clients world, sharing the privilege of their company, giving a nurturing touch and message that reduces anxiety & stress. This treatment will improve physical conditions such as poor circulation, arthritis, oedema and many more
Oncology - 60 minute treatment
Oncology massage is to promote lymphatic drainage & enhance the patient’s sense of well-being by providing a gentle, soothing & supportive touch. Non-invasive compassionate therapy
Pregnancy - 60 minute treatment with essential oils for mums to be, ONLY after three months of pregnancy. This gentle soothing massage is carried out on a special pregnancy mattress£63
120 minute treatment
120 minute treatment
Bespoke Massage Totally tailored individual treatment£138